​I live in the Tampa Bay region of Florida and work in all metals.

The steel in my work is scavenged and I am able to re-purpose it, rather than allow it to be headed for a landfill.   I have entertained many older gentlemen at various flea markets when I pick up a rusty tool and have proceeded to measure it by rolling it around my wrist or finger.  

The inclusion of pearls began as a wink to those that find my work un-ladylike and has evolved as an intriguing contrast to the dark charcoal patina.

I took my first metalsmithing class not realizing it was jewelry based.  I have yet to build the garden bench I planned 10 years ago.   
I had the New York, New York bracelet on my bench in the planning stage for almost 3 years, so there is hope yet.

With a B.A. in business computers and a previous career programing accounting systems,and now as the Executive Director of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, I am busy raising a family and I am grateful to FSG for including all levels of artists and the opportunity to study with many masters in the field.




Contact me at FSGjm@earthlink.net